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FEATURING: The Photography of Ruben G. Mendoza, Ph.D.

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Formats: 35mm Film / Digital, 6x4.5 Film / Digital, Color / B&W prints.
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Topics: California and Southwestern Hispanic Missions, Mexican Archaeology & Art History, Ancestral Pueblo Ruins, Lowrider cars, bikes, and mini-trucks, Chicano Muralism, Graffiti, and Related Counterculture, Catholic Folk Rituals, Ancient Maya & Mexican Art, Mexican American Historical Images, Archaeology Digs in Colorado, Arizona, and California, Archaeoastronomy, Colonial Churches, Mission solstice illuminations, etc.

Ancient Editions offers high quality still and digital imaging for educational, commercial, scientific, and documentary publishing purposes. To that end we invite editorial inquiries and requests from publishers seeking stock, travel, cultural, and documentary images. We draw on a substantive photographic collection and stock archive consisting of over 600,000 images chronicling the past 30 years of some of the more colorful dimensions of contemporary life, culture, history, archaeology, and counterculture in California, the US Southwest, North America, Europe, Mexico, and Central America. The core collection centers on the life and work of Dr. Ruben G. Mendoza, an archaeologist, photographer, explorer, and adventurer who has traveled the length and breadth of North and Middle America, including the US Southwest, Mexico, and Central America, in an effort to document the art, culture, history, and archaeology of said regions. The primary aim of Ancient Editions is to see through the publication of Dr. Mendoza's lifelong efforts at documenting the Native American and Hispanic cultures of those regions that have drawn his interests and passions since 1974. In addition to 35mm digital, color transparency, and Black & White photography, Dr. Mendoza has amassed a significant collection of Black & White medium format images pertaining to the California and Southwestern missions. In addition to both digital editorial stock and documentary photography, we offer greeting cards, postcards, posters, B&W and color prints, books, videography, and CD and DVD multimedia drawing on the aforementioned collections.

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